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We’re devoted to helping our fundraising participants raise money for their needed cause.  We have many options like scratch offs, yearly discount cards, gourmet goodies,wristbands, eye catching mini figurine collectibles and more.
In addition, we’ve implemented three GIFTING solutions that will make a tremendous difference in the way you generate revenue and/or receive in-kind donations:


School and Charitable Organizations Wishlists

Here are some additional ways businesses can get involved in helping schools succeed:
  • Support  and encourage other local businesses to contirbute by making in-kind donations  (i.e. compters, schools supplies, books, etc.) to schools struggling to provide necessary resources for students.  They too should assist local charities feeding, clothing and providing shelter to those in need.

  • Partner and/or adopt a school(s) for one year or rotate every six months, implement a school  and food supply drive for needy students.

E-Waste Fundraiser

Let’s organize an event together! E-waste fundraisers are simple, extremely beneficial, and fun to run. Just follow the guideline below and a successful event is within reach.
  • Select a date (start and finish-usually our events last 10 days but its up to you).
  •  Advertise (press releases, word of mouth, start this about 3 weeks prior).
  • Get volunteers (they will be needed to contact businesses and to collect).
  • We drop container the day before event, you just follow event  instructions.
  • Call us when its 80% full and we will come get it and drop another.
  •  Fill as many containers as possible.
  •  Collect the funds raised for your charity.

All you have to do to get involved is let us know that you’re interested. We will work with you to get everything set up and to make sure your event is as successful as it can be! Contact us today and

Our team, takes pride in helping you achieve your goals. We’ll help you generate funds in a short time, perhaps more than you expected! It’s time to put the three letter word back into fundraising “FUN”!

Are you ready to fundraise ?